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Church. Peter: photos, description Kirche St. Peter)

One of the city's churches in Aachen - St. Peter's Church is interesting not only for its architecture. Initially, it was only a small chapel, the first mention of which refers to the beginning of the 13th century. Early Romanesque style, this structure, which, by the way, thanks to one of their towers and the location close to the city walls, served at the time the observation point, which was well visible encroachments of enemies.

14th and 15th century were not the best in the history of the Church, because it gradually fell into decay. But in the 16th century, the Church survived the rebuilding, which was led by one of the famous architects of Trier. Times of relative calm that lasted for the next three hundred years, did the Church. Peter one of the most frequently visited. Interestingly, the Church experienced "French" influence, and in 1862 it was added to the portal in neo-Baroque style.

In 1943 the city was bombed, and this small Church was one of those that was almost completely destroyed. From 1948 to 1951 the Church was completely closed. However, it was restored according to old paintings and drawings and in 1974 received a new look thanks to the architect, whose name was Leo Hugot. Today a small but very comfortable the Church has become a favorite not only among citizens who are happy to attend the service, but also for tourists who can see a different architecture compared to the powerful structures of the middle ages.