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Hofgarten: photos, description (Hofgarten)

The Hofgarten Park is a very popular place for recreation and walks in düsseldorf. It covers about 28 hectare, of which nearly half are lovely and manicured lawns. From here opens a wonderful view not only on the embankment of the river Rhine, but also on Schloss jägerhof.

The history of this amazing place began in the XVI century, when this Park was only a Royal garden, enclosed by the city walls. For those who want to come here and enjoy the beauty of nature, the entrance was closed until the XVIII century. But, unfortunately, in 1795 French troops, who came to Dusseldorf, began to build various fortifications within the Park. For this reason, it was almost completely destroyed and devastated.

Its modern shape Hofgarten only purchased in 1804, it was then for his recovery took Maximilian Friedrich VAE. In order to consistently produce work to care for the plants and the entire area was specially built house for the gardener. In 1926 the Park was built Ehrenhof necessary to conduct a major exhibition dedicated to the welfare of the population, and health and physical education.

Despite the fact that during the Second world war Hofgarten injured and later worked on the reconstruction, now the Park is called the "lungs" of düsseldorf. Here visitors are presented modern sculptures and historical monuments. One of them is dedicated to Maximilian VAE, who made a huge contribution to the development and improvement of this wonderful place. Of special interest is the monument to soldiers who died in the wars for unification.

The Hofgarten is not just a great knowledge, this is the first Park that has become available to everyone.