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The Kornmarkt square: photos, description (Kornmarkt)

Square, the Kornmarkt (Grain or Bread) located in the historical heart of Trier, a distance of about 200 meters from the Central Market square. The original purpose of the square it is clear from its name. Some time ago it was used as a car Park and recently, after extensive renovation, has become a gastronomic and entertainment center of the city, a favorite pastime of residents and tourists. In particular, in the Kornmarkt square, held a traditional annual festival of the Old town.

The main decoration of the Kornmarkt square is one of the most beautiful in Germany fountains - the fountain of St. George, in the Rococo style. The construction of the fountain in honor of the Archbishop of Trier Franz Georg von schönborn by the court architect Johann SAICA ended in 1751. The construction consists of a column topped by a statue of St. George and reaching a height of 11 meters. At the bottom of the base of the column is decorated with allegorical sculptures, symbolizing seasons.

In 2003 was carried out a complete reconstruction of the area and restoration of the fountain. In particular, reinstated some old houses, for example the building of the former French officer's mess of the early 19th century in the classical style. During the reconstruction of the square was re-paved using 15 thousand granite slabs and through the intervention of the townspeople were saved the old pine tree by the fountain.