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Square Hauptmarkt: photos, description (Hauptmarkt)

Square Hauptmarkt, also called Main or Market square, is the Central and one of the largest in Trier. It is located in the historic district at the intersection of the most important shopping streets of medieval Trier.

In 958 by order of Henry I, Archbishop of Trier, Hauptmarkt square was set the so called Market cross, a stone column with a cross on top - a symbol of sovereignty, special privileges for the trade development and authority over the city. Location Market cross defines the center of Trier, and his left hand are highly accurate sundial.

Nearby is another historic decoration Market square — St. Peter's fountain in the Renaissance style, built in 1595. On top of the fountain is decorated with a sculpture of the patron Saint of the city of the Apostle Peter, and at the base are four allegorical female figures, symbolizing strength, wisdom, justice and moderation.

To our time has remained at approximately two-thirds of the historic buildings Hauptmarkt square with houses in the Renaissance style, Baroque and classicism, some of which date from the 12th century. Each of the standing tightly to each other, the brightly decorated houses has a long history. The most famous of them is the house of the Three Kings in the Moorish style Red building with the inscription in honor of the founders of Trier. Among the other streets extending from the square, the Hauptmarkt, is a small Jewish street, which is the entrance to the medieval Jewish quarter.