/ / Border Museum Schifflersgrund: photos, description (Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund)

Border Museum Schifflersgrund: photos, description (Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund)

Border Museum Schifflersgrund is between two German Federal land of Hesse in the West and Thuringia in the East. It was formed just on the very spot where, until 1990, the border between the FRG and the GDR. The Museum is located about two kilometers from the Hessian town of bad Sooden Allendorf, who at the time was the nearest frontier settlement on the territory of Germany. On the other side was the municipality of Asbach-Sickenberg.

The name itself refers to Schifflersgrund forested valley between the two objects. To prevent the possibility of escape, in the land on the territory of the GDR laid the mines.

Interestingly, Schifflersgrund is the first border Museum United Germany, it was opened on the first anniversary of the country's unification on 3 October 1991. It tells about the ordinary life of a typical inhabitant of the border zone. A separate exhibition is devoted the last years of the Second world war, the Soviet occupation of the territory in 1945 and the events of 1989 in United Germany. The purpose of the creation of the Museum was to preserve for posterity this page in the life of the German people.

The premises of the Museum are in separate buildings. It is interesting that, despite the proximity of their location to each other, previously they were in the territory of another state. Some of the exhibits housed under the open sky. Among them the tractor, which on 29 March 1982 tried to escape the inhabitant of the GDR Heinz-Josef Grosse. Unfortunately, at a distance of a few meters from the border of Germany he was spotted by a patrol from the GDR and was shot for attempting to escape. All this happened right in the valley of Schifflersgrund. Now the place of death Grosse is part of the border Museum, and in August 2009 there was a wooden memorial "Broken dreams", performed in memory of the 26 killed in attempting to cross the border in this place.