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Auerbach's cellar: photos, description (Auerbachs Keller)

Auerbach's cellar is one of the most popular and famous old restaurants of Leipzig. It is located inside Madler-passage. In the beginning of its existence in 1438 it was a place where trade was carried out with wine. The name is chosen not casually, it is connected with the Saxon Prince elector and Professor of medicine Heinrich Stromare, who was known in the city as Auerbach's. He was a native of the small town of Auerbach, located in the Upper Palatinate.

For his meritorious service and devotion to the doctor has obtained permission from the king to the wine trade. From the very first days of existence the cellar of Auerbach became very popular among the population of Leipzig, among regulars of this establishment was the reformer Martin Luther, the poet and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was impressed by the story of the magician Faust, rode on a large barrel top of the stairs. That is why Auerbach's Cellar was chosen as the place where the events unfolded the first part of the world famous tragedy "Faust" by Goethe.

The oldest part of the restaurant's Barrel cellar. Its interior over the centuries has not changed, the owners of this fine establishment tried to preserve that unique atmosphere that fills this historical place. In the Central part of the room is a large old barrels of wine, for visitors to play the real view to the story of Faust was revived.

Also in the Cellar of Auerbach are three historical halls, among which the hall of the Old Leipzig" with panoramic paintings of the city in 1870, Luther hall and the hall of Goethe, where the vaults are decorated with Gothic arches with paintings by Andreas Bretschneider, vividly illustrating which became popular legend of doctor Faustus.