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Church. Teresa: photo description (Theresienkirche)

City Catholic Church St. Therese is conveniently situated in one of the city's neighborhoods Aachen, in the North-Eastern part. Interesting neighborhood with Higher Technical school in North Rhine-Westphalia does not prevent her to be visited and loved by not only citizens, but also numerous tourists. Looking ahead, I must say that it was in this Church often hosts various musical events, including performances by famous choirs of Europe.

In the early years of its existence, the Church. Theresa belonged to the monastery of the Carmelites, which was built here in 1662. The Church itself appeared a little later - in the interval between 1739 and 1745 years, but the authorship of this project is attributed to the famous architect Lorenzo Offermatica. Interior engaged not less known in those years by the architect Johann Joseph City, and the Church itself was designed in the Baroque style. In the early 19th century, the Church moved to the urban realm.

During the bombing of 1943 the Church. Teresa, like many other buildings and monuments of Aachen, was almost completely destroyed. Interestingly, many details of the situation, including even the altar, were made and hidden in a safe place, but because the humidity was utilized solely as models, looking at that masters in the 50-ies of XX century began to restore the Church. The building was built according to the plans and drawings of the 18th century, rather, it was almost rebuilt. Today, the Church of SV. Teresa is known not only in Aachen, to see it come to tourists.