/ / Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration: photos, description (Christi-Verklaerungskirche)

Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration: photos, description (Christi-Verklaerungskirche)

In the 18th century in Baden-Baden for treatment and rest has arrived a large number of immigrants from Russia, many have lived here a long time. The society of those times was highly religious, and the construction of the Orthodox Church was a necessity. At the request of the Duchess Leuchtenberg Maria municipal authorities of Baden was allocated to the construction of the temple. Solemn laying of the Foundation stone of the Church was held in August 1881. By October of 1882 the building was completed, and on October 28 the Transfiguration Cathedral was consecrated.

It was built Transfiguration Cathedral according to drawings I. V. Shtrom (Russian architect, built the Orthodox churches in Paris and Athens) under the leadership of Belzer. The Venetian artist Salviati sketches of Prince Gagarin has created a mosaic icon of the Transfiguration. Today it is located above the entrance to the temple. The Church was built on the model of the majority of Orthodox temples and crowned with an onion dome with gold. In terms of the Church of the Transfiguration is a cross, and its vault is supported by 6 columns. Internal painting contains seven murals of the life of Jesus Christ. The Church Windows of stained glass, the entire interior is decorated with mosaic ornaments.

In the crypt there are tombs of Princess Tatiana Gagarina and Duchess Mary. The walls of the crypt is decorated with mosaic ornament, the floor is white marble. In Transfiguration Church services are held weekly.