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Speicherstadt: photos, description (Speicherstadt)

One of the most famous places of the city of Hamburg - Speicherstadt (the Speicherstadt). Interesting location - it is located on the Islands between the river Elbe and the harbour. The length of the area reaches one kilometer.

Hamburg is known for its role in the Maritime trade. In the Middle ages it was part of the famous Hanseatic League, and in the era of Great geographical discoveries Hamburg served as a major port for the delivery of colonial goods to Europe. After the unification of Germany in 1881, the town became an Imperial Customs Union. At the same time and began construction of the Speicherstadt.

Port warehouses were built on the site of a former residential district, and quarter of artisans and merchants that had existed since the XVI century. All the old buildings had to be demolished. The festive ceremony marking the completion was held in 1888 with the participation of Emperor Wilhelm II, who laid the last stone of the building. However, work continued to further until the beginning of the First world war.

Warehouses made of brick in the Gothic revival style. Many of them are decorated with elegant Gables and turrets, roofs of buildings, mostly gabled and tiled. The access houses with land and water. It should be noted that the area is located on numerous Islands connected by bridges it is interesting that Hamburg occupies the first place in Europe by number of bridges - there are more than two thousand.

During the Second world war the Speicherstadt was badly damaged and only restored in 1967. Now there are office centers, shops of rare items, including spices and various museums. Among the latter it is worth noting the Museum and the Speicherstadt Museum of taxes and duties, the spice Museum and Museum of Afghanistan, recreating the picture of the genuine Oriental Bazaar.

From July 2015, this area was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO and is currently the largest warehouse complex in the world.