/ / Town hall of Hamburg: photo description (Altonaer Rathaus)

Town hall of Hamburg: photo description (Altonaer Rathaus)

Altona district of Hamburg, located on the right Bank of the river Elbe. Originally it was a small fishing village, became in 1640 a part of the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark and having grown to the size of a large city, vie for Maritime influence with Hamburg. In 1938 Altona loses its independence and from that moment it is the only district in the West of the city.

The modern town hall stands on the Square of the Republic (Platz der Republik) in the former Old town of Hamburg. Before this there were two more buildings of the town hall, it is known only about the latter. The "old" city hall previously stood on the street königstraße and was built in the years 1716-1721, but it was completely destroyed during the Second world war. The "new" town hall was completed in 1898.

In front of the balcony stands an equestrian monument to Emperor Wilhelm I. Its construction was timed to the visit of the Imperial couple, which was held on 18 June 1898. It is also planned to add to this sculptural ensemble the figure of the great German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. The author of the monument - Gustav Heinrich Eberlein, one of the brightest representatives of the Berlin sculpture school.

At a little distance from the North portal of the town hall was erected a monument by the famous American conceptual artist Sol LeWitt. The monument is a plain black plate and is dedicated to all the missing Jews. It is worth noting that since the founding of the city and before Hitler came to power in Alton lived a large Jewish community.

Among the interior of the town hall it is worth noting collegial conference room city Council, located on the top floor in the North wing. In 1900, he was decorated with paintings by famous German artist of the era Ludwig Demana. In the East wing, was the Cabinet chief burgomaster. The old wing - South, it was built in 1844. It goes directly into the Elbe and is one of the most popular places in the whole area, as now there is a wedding Palace. The building of the town hall has not lost its administrative functions, only now there is no city Council, only district.