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Hamburg: photo description (Hamburger Rathaus)

The Hamburg Rathaus is located in the centre of the city. It was built in the late XIX century on the site burned down in the fire of the old town hall. Interestingly, after a fire destroyed the previous building, was about 44 years before it was built the new residence of the city Council. Hall still performs its administrative functions, now it is the seat of the Landtag, the German provincial Parliament.

The first stone of construction was laid on may 6, 1886, and the official opening ceremony with the handover of the keys the mayor of the city took place on 26 October 1897. The building is made in neo-Gothic style. The construction of the hall cost 11 million gold marks, but it is worth noting that it comes just at the heyday of the German Empire. The town hall building has enormous national significance for Hamburg and emphasizes his title of "free city". This is one of the few city buildings that survived the Second world war the town hall was left almost not damaged during the bombing.

The city hall has 647 rooms, however, in 1971, was discovered another secret room in the tower. The tower is 112 metres in height and to climb it is necessary to overcome the 436 stairs.

Above the portal of the town hall is placed the coat of arms of Hamburg and a mosaic depicting the goddess-patroness of the city - Hammonia. Carved Latin phrase, which is the city's motto: "Libertatem quam peperere maiores digne studeat servare posteritas". ("The freedom that was achieved for us by our ancestors, worthy let honor keep the descendants"). In the courtyard of the town hall is placed a fountain in honor of another goddess Hygieia, made in memory of the victims of the cholera epidemic that broke out in the city in 1892.

After world war II Hamburg took different guests of honor from around the world: the Shah of Iran and the ruler of Ethiopia in 1955 and the British Queen Elizabeth II in 1965. In 1962, in the town hall square of the city held a mourning ceremony in memory of the victims of the February floods, which claimed the lives of more than three hundred people. But the Central area of the city has seen more happy events here are held various festivals and celebrations, for example, in 1981, it celebrated the victory of football club "Hamburg" in the championship of Germany.

Tourist to visit the lobby: there are various exhibitions and concerts.