/ / City hall and Shutting: photos, description (Bremer Rathaus und Schuetting)

City hall and Shutting: photos, description (Bremer Rathaus und Schuetting)

A Gothic town hall on Market square was built in 1410. In the early seventeenth century, its luxurious facade was decorated in the style of the Weser Renaissance master Luder von Berthina. The facade is decorated with figures of the Emperor Charlemagne and the seven electors, and the four wise men and four preachers.

The upper hall of the town hall, intended for official receptions of the city, is one of the finest in Germany. In this hall every year on the second Friday in February - arranged, solemn dinners, "workers": captains, important merchants, ship owners and the city fathers. And to this day is considered a great honor to be invited to this dinner. Recently in this elite club were invited and women, but only as guests. The lower hall of the town hall called the "Golden camera". The walls of this room are upholstered in valuable leather Wallpaper with gold and the furniture is made of light wood with a Golden hue.

Under the town hall is a wine cellar with a rich collection of German wines. This cellar became famous thanks to the work of Wilhelm Hauff "Fantasy in the cellar of Bremen at the town hall". Here is the oldest German wine, dated 1653.

In the Market square is Shutting - old building, the meeting place of the Merchant Guild. It was built in 1537-1539 years by the Antwerp architect Johann der Bucaneros in the Dutch style. The Eastern pediment of Shutting made in the style of the Renaissance according to the project of the Bremen architect Karsten Guzman.