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Residence: photo description (Residenz)

The Palace complex of Wittelsbach (Residence) grew gradually in the XIV-XIX centuries. In this monumental ensemble combines the strict spirituality of the Gothic, the Baroque imagination, the rich style of the Rococo and the neoclassical elegance of the lines.

In the Palace 112 rooms. Deserve special attention: hall Cabinet, executed in the Renaissance style with a vaulted ceiling; the gallery of the Ancestors, decorated with 121 portrait of members of the Wittelsbach dynasty; the court chapel and the personal chapel of Maximilian I; halls of the Nibelungs wall with pictures of scenes of the eponymous German epic.

In the Treasury of the Residence keeps a magnificent collection of jewelry, articles made of crystal, ivory, enamel, owned by the members of the family of Wittelsbach, and symbols of royalty - the crown of the Bavarian kings and the sword of the Duke of Bavaria.

A masterpiece of theatrical architecture is the cuvillies-Theater, built in the XVIII century in the Rococo style. 29 Jan 1781 here was the premiere of Mozart's Opera "Idomeneo".