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Rhine tower: photos, description (Rheinturm)

Rhine tower is one of the attractions of düsseldorf, which is impossible not to notice. This concrete construction with a height of over 240 metres towers over all constructions and buildings of the city. The telecommunications tower cannot be called the highest in the world, but for the city it is such. For this reason, it serves as a reference and honorable adorns him various photographs, postcards and guides of Dusseldorf.

The first tower in the city appeared in 60-ies of XX century, it did not exceed 75 meters. Given that the development of radio and television occurred very rapidly, to fully meet the needs of the entire population of the city necessitated the construction of a larger tower. Construction work began in 1979 by order of the Federal mail of the German state.

To install the tower, it was decided on the banks of the river Rhine, its original height of 234 meters, but after further installation of a special antenna, these indices increased to present size. This tower equipped with antennas that transmit FM radio, and TV broadcasting. And if you climb the tower, it is possible to contemplate unique views of the waterfront and the port of the city.

The construction of the Rhine tower was engaged in Harold Dallmann, thanks to his efforts, it was opened in 1981. Here has high-speed Elevator at an altitude of about 180 meters is cozy and pretty fancy restaurant that is not on one place but moves around its axis and completes a full rotation in 1 hour.

Individual attention decimalni clock tower, which was designed by Horst Baumann. At its core is a set of lights built into the watch. They are the largest digital clock in the world.