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Roman amphitheatre: photos, description (Amphitheater)

The Roman amphitheatre in Trier — another symbol of the ancient period in the history of the town, bright testimony to the power of the Roman Empire. The amphitheatre is located outside the medieval centre, one mile from Market square, on the slope of mount Petrisberg.

The construction of the amphitheater was conducted simultaneously with the construction of the Roman city wall in the first century of our era. Its arena is an oval of length 75 and a width of 50 m, around which is a three-tiered spectator stands. 26 series had a capacity of 20 thousand spectators, ready to enjoy the cruel Gladiator games, battles with wild animals and the mass executions. Like a Roman Colosseum, beneath the arena of the Trier amphitheater was an extensive basement where expected to fight gladiators and exotic animals. With the help of special platforms and a complex system of lifts achieved their spectacular appearance in the arena right out of the ground. In its original purpose of the amphitheatre lasted until the fifth century.

In the middle ages, the Roman amphitheater was partially destroyed, its part of the ground served as a place of extraction of stone for urban construction. Extant was built in 1986 and like other ancient structure in Trier, was taken under protection of UNESCO.

Currently, the Roman amphitheatre is the venue for various events, concerts and the annual Festival of antiquity (historical reconstruction of the Roman Gladiator fights).