/ / Castle ruins of Alt-Eberstein: pictures, description (Burg Alt-Eberstein)

Castle ruins of Alt-Eberstein: pictures, description (Burg Alt-Eberstein)

The fortress of Alt Eberstein belonged to count von Eberstein, the representative of an ancient aristocratic family from Swabia and Baden, who played a significant role in the feuds of the XI - XIII centuries, speaking on the side of the Hohenstaufen. Some time later, the castle began to serve the margraves von Baden. In the 13th century by the electors of Baden, expanded and completely rebuilt the fortress. However, by the early 17th century, the fortress was completely deserted and gradually destroyed.

Images of the ancient legends floating around the castle, reflected in the mural, depicted on the wall Trinkhalle — drinking pavilion of the fortress. Legend has it that the Emperor Otto I decided to take the fortress of the rebel Eberstein starve, but lasted more than a year the siege was not broken brave defenders of the castle. Then the Emperor decided to use cunning: the count called for the tournament to take the Fort in his absence, by storm. All plans ruined in love with the daughter of the Emperor, who told the count about the idea of his father. The ploy failed, the assault failed, and the Emperor chose to make Eberstein his ally and married his daughter.

Today the ruins of the castle located outside the town of Ebersteinburg, hit its grandeur. Preserved walls of the castle with a height of about 14 meters, large yard, and height vosemnadtsatimetrovoy tower view over Baden-Baden. Here you can stroll along the many stairs and passages, to see the entrance to the cellars, look at the Windows and loopholes abound in the old wall.