/ / The ruins of the castle, Lauenburg: photos, description (Loewenburg)

The ruins of the castle, Lauenburg: photos, description (Loewenburg)

Castle Levenburg - one of the castles of the valley of the lower Rhine and located in the Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia on the border with another land Rhineland-Palatinate. Now it was only ruins, enjoying, however, very popular among tourists.

The castle stands on top of the mountain, part 455 meters high and is part of the array of the Siebengebirge. The first building on this site dates back to the middle of the XII century, and first mention of the fortress dates from 1247. It originally belonged to a small Rhine County and has been an important transit point, as on the neighboring mount Drachenfels was located fortifications Cologne kurfurste. Presumably, the building was finally completed in the middle of the XIII century, when was built the castle and its Northern wall.

For a long time, Levenburg passed from hand to hand, and in 1484 became a separate administrative unit.

Religious Cologne war 1583 left their sad mark in the history of the castle when it was completely destroyed. At the moment all buildings remained only the two side walls, a well in the courtyard and the famous main tower - Bergfried. However, it twice, in 1832 and 1881 years narrowly escaped demolition. In 1834 on the site of the ruins took place the first restoration. Subsequently, when the Prussian Kingdom took a course on restoration and protection of the ruined castles, the following works took place in 1862, and in 1897-1901. In 1906, on top of the mountain was opened observation deck.

Levenburg, though, and arouse interest among tourists, continued to be in decline, has reached the point that walking uphill became unsafe. In 1951, up paved roads, and major work on the clean-up and restoration of the ruins was carried out in 1979-1985. In 1989, on top of the mountain was a bronze plate with the appearance of the castle before its destruction and modern plan.