/ / The ruins of the castle Nollig: photos, description (Ruine Nollig)

The ruins of the castle Nollig: photos, description (Ruine Nollig)

Castle Norwich - one of the castles of the middle Rhine valley and located in the federated state of Hesse. It stands on a mountain of the same name above the town of Lorch. At the moment, the fortress remained only ruins.

The castle was built in the early fourteenth century and was a typical Medieval half-timbered building consisting of three floors. The building was surrounded by strong fortress walls that make up the 10 meters in height, two corner towers and a moat. The extant ruins belong to square watchtower, which was used solely as an observation post, and the housing was unsuitable.

Standing at a height of 158 metres above sea level, the castle had become part of the fortifications of the city of Lorch, was planned to finish building the wall that connects the right corner tower of the city gate, however, due to financial problems the construction never took place.

The ruins now belong to a private owner and closed to the public. They opened to the public only once - in 2007 in the so-called Day of monuments of architecture in Germany. A lot of tourists from all over the country came to see the old medieval tower.

The area is under protection as the habitat of many rare for this part of Europe plants and animals. Also here the vines grow.

To get to the ruins of the castle on foot of Lorch. Also Nolly is part of the famous Hiking route from Bonn to Wiesbaden is known as the Rhine trail.

Since 2002, all the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley was included in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.