/ / Castle ruins Rolandseck: photos, description (Burg Rolandseck)

Castle ruins Rolandseck: photos, description (Burg Rolandseck)

Castle Rolandseck - one of the castles of the valley of the lower Rhine and located in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate. At the moment it was only ruins.

The first mention of the fortress dates from 1040, but the main building was built only in 1122. The territory belonged to the archbishops of Cologne and as are situated opposite the castle of Drachenfels, Rolandseck long been used for defensive purposes.

In 1485, during one of the Burgundian wars, the fortress was heavily damaged, but rebuilt, and in 1632 during the Thirty years ' war Rolandseck was taken by Swedish troops. Never restored, the ruins were finally destroyed in the earthquake of 19 February 1673. The only preserved part of the castle is one window opening in the form of a huge arch.

With the development of the romantic movement in art the ruins of the medieval castles began to attract artists and poets. Which since 1836 the part of the Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt Rolandseck also became a popular place of pilgrimage. One of the German poets, inspired by the appearance of the ruins, offered to rebuild the fortress. The future project work performed by the famous German architect, the Builder of the Cologne Cathedral, Ernst Friedrich Tsvirner.

In 1845, on the slope of the rock, on which are ruins, the pavilion was built with a viewing platform overlooking the Rhine, and in 1848 was built the Tower of Humboldt. These buildings belonged to a rich Cologne manufacturer, who could not afford to buy themselves the ruins. The pavilion was dismantled in 1931 in connection with the construction of the railway station. It was planned that he was immediately rebuilt, but the work was delayed until the twenty-first century. Now it promises to open by 2016.

On top of the mountain since 1929, operates a gourmet restaurant, which in 1999 took place a solemn meeting of German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and U.S. President bill Clinton. Among other distinguished guests of Rolandseck it is worth noting the first German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The on-site restaurant has a terrace where you can admire the beautiful views of the Rhine valley.

In our days on the territory of the fortress there are constant archaeological excavations, in which were found parts of a Romanesque masonry of the XII century and the remains of the southern fortress wall of 12 meters in height. However, due to the unfinished works to the public findings still not open.

Some sources mistakenly attributed Rolandseck with the popular legend of Roland, but the events of this tradition occurred about 300 years before the construction of the castle.