/ / The Abbey Of St Martin: photos, description (Abtei St. Martin)

The Abbey Of St Martin: photos, description (Abtei St. Martin)

Abbey St. Martin in Trier - one of the monuments that testify to the fact that the city has long been one of the centers of Christianity in the region. The first mention of the existence of the Abbey can be attributed to the fourth century, and in the sixth it became part of the Trier monastery. Excellent geographical location on the banks of the Moselle river was the reason that the monastery was later inhabited by Benedictine monks.

The Abbey was destroyed many times but always recovered with remarkable speed. So, the brightest rulers preferred to live in this Abbey, given its interesting history: at times the building itself has become hostage to political action within the Church. Its heyday the monastery, and with it the Abbey, reached between ages 11-13. To this period belong the famous painting on the vaults and walls in the gospel stories. Since 1506, the Abbey began to expand, were added to it another facade, whose style fits perfectly into the style of the Renaissance.

In 1673 the Abbey was almost completely destroyed, but part of it was restored by the beginning of 1802, maximally preserving the style of the building. For a long time the building housed a small porcelain production, the best products which can be seen today in the City Museum of Trier. The Abbey of St. Martin today is included in the list of objects that are traditionally recommended to visit a series of interesting urban buildings that abound in this small German town.