/ / The ruins of Iburg: photo description (Yburg)

The ruins of Iburg: photo description (Yburg)

The ruins of Iburg is a clear evidence of the long history Baden-Baden. Knight's fortress, located at an altitude of 515 m, is considered the most romantic place is famous for resort. The construction of the castle began in the early 12th century, but the first mention of the castle dates from 1245

The electors of Baden appointed Roeder von Radeka (count IJburg) "Minister" of the fortress, hence the name of the castle, which has survived to the present day. For three centuries the fortress served as a reliable protection and shelter for residents, but during the Peasant war, the castle suffered partial destruction. Only a century later, the walls and courtyards have been renovated, but in 1689, when the country was gripped by a struggle for the throne, the castle was again destroyed, and now full.

The fortress had to experience and the power of natural elements: lightning struck the main tower of the Gothic in 1840, has split its North side. In our days the ruins of Iburg became a symbol Reblando, and tourists can be seen among the ruins on the tower - evidence of the romantic era of chivalry.

Ruins from the height which overlooks the resort and the views of the Rhine valley, Rabland and the black forest. In the restored castle's restaurant serves local cuisine, beer or wine. If you take a Cup of coffee and sit out on the terrace, in clear weather, you can see the whole of Baden-Baden and France.