/ / The fishing quarter: photos, description (Fischerviertel)

The fishing quarter: photos, description (Fischerviertel)

Just three hundred meters from the Ulm Cathedral is a historic, medieval building — a Fishing quarter. Narrow streets, bridges and houses, all steeped in the life and spirit of the heyday of old Ulm. The fishing quarter of the time incurred by the Bank of the river Blau (tributary of the Danube), was inhabited by artisans, fishermen, tanners, millers and shipbuilders. The flow of the river determined the best location for houses, since these crafts require a lot of water. Mill circles (at that time they were 7) footbridge for soaking the skins, moorings for fishing boats adjacent to the facades of buildings. Caustic solutions for the tanning of hides even influenced the appearance of the buildings: for the best safety they should additionally be trimmed with wood.

Many historically important and interesting buildings of Ulm is located in the fishing quarter. For example, the so-called "House of Vows", built in 1618. With its balcony, each penultimate Monday of July the Lord mayor of Ulm delivers annual speech and gives an oath to serve the citizens. On the North side of the Fishing quarter is one of the oldest remaining buildings — wall Shtaufeniv, the remnants of them built in the late 12th century Royal Palace.

Several original buildings are the undisputed decorations fishermen's quarter of Ulm such as "falling home", the old mint, "nice house" and many others.

Currently in renovated fishermen's quarter are situated the hotels, cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops.