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Fish market: photos, description (Fischmarkt)

Fish market of the city of Hamburg is located on the street Grosse Elbstrasse in the Altona district. Originally it was a small fishing village, became in 1640 a part of the territory of the Kingdom of Denmark and having grown to the size of a large city, vie for Maritime influence with Hamburg. In 1938 Altona loses its independence and from that moment it is the only district in the West of the city.

The fish market was opened at the dawn of the history of Altona, and at the beginning of the XVIII century there was also a stalls with vegetables, fruits and herbs. Interestingly, the market has worked even on Sundays and provided the noblemen a fresh fish in the morning. The huge value of the market acquired in 1846, when it was opened the port railway. The volume of fish caught increased, develop production of canned fish.

In 1896 the building was constructed, the fish auction plan of the structure which is three-aisled Basilica. For a long time there was a fish trade, and free trading times the building was used as a warehouse. There is also the Colca of ice and repair of equipment of fishing boats. In 1984, after restoration the building of the auction was recognized as a monument of art, however its original role it had lost. Now the building serves as a cafeteria, where tourists can taste traditional Hamburg brunch, drink drinks and enjoy light music in the style of jazz or country.

Now the fish market in Hamburg is a favorite place to visit among tourists and locals. He is a typical German Sunday open-air market where you can buy not only products, but also clothes, scarves and Souvenirs. The district built new buildings in the style of postmodernism, which creates a unique architectural ensemble. In the surrounding streets hosted a variety of attractions related to the life of the old town. These include a modern bronze sculpture depicting a market vendor and a fisherman, and the Baroque fountain of 1742, which in 1989 was refurbished and re-crowned by a statue of the goddess Minerva.