/ / Gardens Herrenhauser: photos, description (Herrenhaeuser Gaerten)

Gardens Herrenhauser: photos, description (Herrenhaeuser Gaerten)

Gardens Herrenhauser were broken with the Countess Sophie von der Pfalz, daughter of Elizabeth Stuart and mother of king George I. the Gardens consist of a Large garden, Berggarten, gardens of George and that of the Guelph. A large garden is one of the most significant Baroque gardens in Europe and is planned on the model of the Dutch parks in the XVII-XVIII century. Berggarten has evolved from a garden to grow vegetables from the Botanical, with fountains, sculptures and grottoes. Broken English-style gardens of the George and of the Guelph reputation for being a favorite place of walks and recreation in the city.

From destroyed during the Second world war the Palace Herrenhauser survived only one wing art gallery. Its Central hall are painted with Baroque frescoes by Tommaso Giusti. During the summer festivals of Music and drama in Herrenhauser" there are organized musical concerts.