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North Park: photo description (Nordpark)

North Park (Nordpark) is a beautiful and quite large Park in düsseldorf. This is truly popular and a favorite vacation spot for many families with children, lovers of long walks, which became a real landmark of the city. The history of the Park began in 1936. The year of the chief gardener of Dusseldorf named Willie Tapp decided to create a lovely garden space vacant land and the old and the old brick factories.

The idea for creating a area of amazing beauty was not just good, but really popular. In 1937 the garden was formed, it became part of the Imperial exhibitions of the time. Idea for Willie Tapp and the Park was supposed to surprise and amaze the audience, and also to some extent reflect the victory of man over nature.

In order to fully draw the garden was replanted hundreds of trees that took the city. In the Park you can see a huge pond with a length of about 170 meters, a large number of beautiful fountains. Attractive flower bed which can be called a real work of art (transplanted plants on them three times per year), will not leave indifferent any visitor. Special attention attracts the Japanese garden, donated in 1975 by representatives of the Japanese Diaspora.

Japanese garden in North Park refers to the number of copies of the gardens of Japan, it was specifically designed for the düsseldorf experts in the field of landscape architecture. The area of this amazing garden is about 5 thousand square meters, we have managed to create a truly harmonious and romantic space, which contains almost all the elements typical of Japanese gardens. Everything is so well thought-out that I want to look at this beauty, never ceasing.