/ / Rural Church squeaks: photos, description (Dorfkirche Pieskow)

Rural Church squeaks: photos, description (Dorfkirche Pieskow)

Rural Evangelical Church squeaks is located in the small Spa town of bad Saarow, the Federal state of Brandenburg. The first Church on this site dates from the year 1346 to the same period belong the most ancient graves belonging to ancient local family. However, after repair work of the early XX century the crypt was bricked up.

On the foundations of a previous Church was built a modern building, consecrated in 1867. The Cathedral is built in neo-Gothic style. In 1902, the Church was given the Bible from the hands of the German Empress Auguste Viktoria. In 2000, the Church was equipped with electricity, also during large-scale restoration was replaced by the roof.

In the courtyard of the Church also hosted several graves, including modern. Here is buried the German actor Harry Liedtke, was killed in 1945 by the red army soldiers, and his ex-wife, also German actress Katerina "kat" Dorsch, who died in 1957. Also in the churchyard, is placed a bronze plate dedicated to the victims of both world wars.

The Church squeaks famous for its Baroque altar carved in 1661, the oldest of all surviving in the city. The altar is made of wood by the master of the former city of Kolberg (modern kołobrzeg, now located in Polish territory). The altar is unusual both form and content. It is a triumphal arch, in the center of which stands the Crucifix. At the bottom is depicted the last supper, and crowned the altar picture of the Situation in the coffin. Interestingly, the story of the Resurrection or ascension of Christ is missing, it is likely that the altar was even more, and the upper part has disappeared.

On the Church of old, it was repaired at the end of the last century. In 2000 the Cathedral was the first organ concert, open to all comers.