/ / The rock of Lorelei: photos, description (Loreley)

The rock of Lorelei: photos, description (Loreley)

Lorelei is a rock with a height of 120 meters, located on the Eastern Bank of the Rhine near the town of Saint-Goarshausen. Its interesting location at the narrowest point of the river - contributed to the generation of various folk stories and legends.

The name "Lorelei" - there is another version of the transcription: "Loreley" - translates from German as "whispering rock." This is due to the fact that before the beginning of the XIX century at the foot of the cliff there was a small waterfall.

Rock is dangerous for sailing, a place where strong currents and rocky shores. It is not surprising that there were numerous cases of shipwreck. The result of the notorious and picturesque location of the Lorelei rock became a source of inspiration for many poets of the romantic era. First, who immortalized the place in his poems, was Clemens Brentano, who wrote in 1801 ballad "On the Rhine in Bacharach". This German poet created the image of Lorelei - Virgo-mermaids of the Rhine, which his magic enchanted singing lured sailors onto the rocks like the sirens in Greek mythology. The myth of Lorelei found an echo in the works of other poets, including the great Heinrich Heine. A poem by Heine, written in 1824, was set to music by composers Friedrich Silhara and Ferenc Liszt. In Russian language this verse is translated Alexander Blok.

The legend of the Lorelei is reflected in the overseas poetry - on the subject wrote, and Guillaume Apollinaire, and Sylvia Plath. Apollinaire poem was later put to music by the Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich and became part of his 14th Symphony. Nowadays, the image of Lorelei continues to be popular. In honor of Lorelei was also named the asteroid.

At the foot of the rock there is a bronze mermaid sculpture, made in 1983, N.. Yusupova.

It is worth noting that even in the XXI century the Loreley rock are still a shipwreck, for example, on 13 January 2011 here overturned cargo barge.

Lorelei rock, and the castles of the upper Middle Rhine valley, was included in 2002 in the list of monuments of cultural heritage of UNESCO.