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Old library: photos, description (Alte Bibliothek)

For the past several centuries the landmark of Berlin is the Boulevard called Unter den Linden. This is the place where the monuments of architecture, impressive for its size and majestic appearance. One of them is the Old library, which houses more than seven million books.

The building, designed in the Baroque style, was built between 1775 and 1780. His project was designed by the architect Josef Emanuel Fischer von Property from Austria and Georg Christian Unger from Prussia. The old library was the order of Frederick the Great, who sought to make available to the bourgeoisie in the literature, long considered a privilege of the nobility, government officials and Ministers. On the portal of the building to this day you can see a Latin inscription, signifying "food for the soul."

In 1784 in the Old library contained about 150 thousand volumes and manuscripts of many outstanding personalities of the Enlightenment, including Kant, Voltaire, Diderot, Leibniz and Rousseau.

The appearance of the library building is very similar to the St Michael's housing of the Imperial Palace that housed the winter home of the monarchs of Austria of the Habsburg dynasty. This is due to the fact that Frederick ordered her to copy when creating the project, the Old library. But given the fact that the construction of the residence was delayed, the copy was presented to the public for almost 110 years earlier than the original.

In 1914 here was located the law faculty of the famous German Humboldt University. During the war this building was considerably damaged, but was able to fully recover, so now everyone can enjoy the majestic view of the library as well as exhibition going on inside her, which tells the story of king Frederick and of his life, and also shows the various documents of the past.