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Old weight: photos, description (Аlte Waage)

The old weighing house is a historical building in the Renaissance style located in the heart of Leipzig. It was created in 1555 for the Chamber of weights and measures by the architect Hieronymus Lotter and his assistant Paul Speck.

The facade of this beautiful building of three floors out just of the Market square, where for a long time conducted the Leipzig trade fair. During such mass shopping events every sold product mandatory taxed, this was the reason for the creation and construction of a building for the Chamber of weights and measures. In 1820 she moved to another building, because this building became known as Old or Older weighing scales.

Four-speed pediment of the ancient landmarks adorn the sundial. The building has a basement and an attic on two floors. In those days when the fairs of the city began to show a different exhibition samples, and also receive the trading house, the Old weight is one of them, and in 1917 there was a Directorate of the Leipzig trade fair.

The second world war left its mark on this historic building during the bombing and air raids of the city, the Old weighing house was completely destroyed. After almost twenty years the building was reconstructed and fully restored to its original appearance. Subsequently here is the travel Bureau of the city of Leipzig, and in 1966 became the property of one of the large insurance companies.

The old weighing house has an interesting history and an unusually attractive appearance. It perfectly combines old and modern, different facades of buildings are decorated differently, which makes it particularly attractive.