/ / Old national gallery: photo description (Alte Nationalgalerie)

Old national gallery: photo description (Alte Nationalgalerie)

Old national gallery is located on the Museum island of Berlin. The idea of its creation appeared in 1815, but to realize it in reality was only 1841. The discovery of this domain took place in 1861 when Johann Heinrich Wagner gave the gallery a serious present - 262 paintings by foreign and German artists. It was an impressive contribution to the cultural development of the city.

Among the exhibits you can find these paintings, which belong to different eras. Romanticism, classicism, impressionism and early modernism - here everyone will find works of art that can inspire the world of beauty and depth, the painter. In the Old national gallery presents the work of Charles Blechen, Claude Monet, Lovis Corinth, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Adolph von Menzel, and others.

Unfortunately, during the Second world war, the building of the gallery was seriously damaged, but her recovery went very quickly. Despite the fact that the reconstruction lasted until 1969, and already in 1949 it was able to reopen its doors to visitors. The result of all the Old national gallery is not just brought to life, but was supplemented by several new halls, which exhibits excellent exhibits relating to the age of romanticism. Its appearance is in harmony with other historical buildings located on the Museum island.

This masterpiece of construction is the true art and heritage of the entire German people. A large number of old paintings and works of prominent artists of different eras attract a huge number of visitors every year. Once in the Old national gallery, truly immersed in a completely different world, filled with antique elegance and amazing beauty.