/ / Old town hall, Leipzig city Museum: photos, description (Altes Rathaus)

Old town hall, Leipzig city Museum: photos, description (Altes Rathaus)

Old town hall is a historic building in Leipzig, this former city hall. The first town hall was built in XIV century, later it was greatly expanded thanks to the connection with a Cloth and Trading houses located in close proximity.

In 50-ies of the XVI century, the building suffered a partial demolition and reconstruction, the Old town hall acquired the elements of the Renaissance style, aided by the labors of the architect and the mayor of Leipzig, Hieronymus Lotter of. The result was the appearance of an elongated buildings, decorated with 8-pointed tower above the entrance and a high attic. The main entrance to this historic building is not in the center, but asymmetrically, closer to the North facade. The old town hall had two floors, upstairs was 28 rooms involved in the work of the city Council. The basement became a place where merchants of Leipzig. They used these buildings for warehouses and shops.

Subsequently, the building of the Old town hall was enlarged, on the second floor there was a balcony, and then the beautiful chimes of the talented watch master Georg Werner. Currently, this building is among the important buildings in Germany relating to the Renaissance. Special interest in the Old town hall and enjoys a Large ballroom and a landscaped room, meeting Room and the Treasury.

In the process of reconstruction in late 1909 in a niche of one of the facades was built a fountain called "Bathing girl". Bronze figure of a girl made by the sculptor Johannes Hartmann, and in 1992 it had to be replaced by a copy due to theft.

Until 1905 the Old town hall was used for meetings of the municipal Council, but from 1911 was opened the City history Museum, among the exhibits which is the only portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach, written during the life of the great composer.