/ / Old Residence viola Hofhaltung: photos, description (Alte Hofhaltung)

Old Residence viola Hofhaltung: photos, description (Alte Hofhaltung)

Old Residence viola Hofhaltung is located in the historic city centre of Bamberg. This majestic building is located on Cathedral square, near the Old town hall. In the middle ages, this beautiful building served as the Palace of the Emperor Henry II the Saint, who ruled in the Holy Roman Empire in the X century. At the same time it was the residence of the Prince bishops of Bamberg, which was connected by a special passage to the Cathedral of the city.

In 1185 there was a big fire in which the building was severely damaged and destroyed. Only in the XV century it was decided to completely renovate. This happened during the episcopate of Philip the Graph of von Henneberg, and by his order began the building up of the Palace. Around the building began to build several Executive and outbuildings. Work on the reconstruction and restoration of the Residence was completed only in the second half of the XVI century, when the Bishop of Bamberg was Vit II.

In the updated Residence viola Hofhaltung is a large library, office and chapel of San Andres. The majestic façade of the Palace is now addressed directly to the Cathedral square.

Since the last restoration of the building is almost not changed its appearance, this masterpiece of architectural work and creative thought is a confusion typical of the German Renaissance and late Gothic. "Beautiful gate" Residence viola Hofhaltung decorated with beautiful statues of the Empress Cunegonde and her husband Henry II.

In 1938 this building is located the Historical Museum of Bamberg, which holds numerous exhibits of culture and history from the most ancient times. It periodically hosts temporary exhibitions of photography, painting and sculpture.