/ / The old municipal theatre: photos, description (Altes Stadttheater Eichstaett)

The old municipal theatre: photos, description (Altes Stadttheater Eichstaett)

Oldest theater in the Bavarian town of Eichstätt is located on the square, Residenzplatz near the Bishop's residence and Cathedral. At the moment, in this room is the cultural center of the city, held business conferences and meetings at the highest level, and there is also a cinema.

The building was built in 1545 and served as a granary and warehouse at the Bishop's residence. It consists of five floors and boasts a steep sloping roof and small Windows-slits. Larger Windows are placed on the roof.

The building was repeatedly rebuilt and expanded. In 1880 it was decorated in the style of the classical period and was used as a shelter for top military officials. City theatre and later a cinema was placed there in 1938. The southern part of the building was handed over to the voluntary fire protection Association.

After a long archaeological excavations and restoration works of the building of the old municipal theatre was re-opened in 1988 and since then serves as a social and cultural center of the city.

The details and decorations of the XVI century, leaving only the coat of arms of the Bishop of the customer of construction of Moritz von Hutten. Under the coat of arms on the stone carved with the Latin phrase from the Bible: "Who holds the bread, the curses of the people; and on her head selling is a blessing" Proverbs of Solomon, Chapter 11, verse 26).

It should be noted that in the vicinity of the old municipal theatre are the main attractions of Eichstätt Cathedral St. Willibald VIII century and the Bishop's residence, a masterpiece of the Baroque era.