/ / The old Bishop's courtyard: photo description (Alte Hofhaltung)

The old Bishop's courtyard: photo description (Alte Hofhaltung)

The old Bishop's courtyard in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, former residence of the bishops and is one of the architectural monuments of the city. It was built in 1007 by the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II, at the same time, Bamberg became the capital of an independent bishopric. From the medieval buildings is almost nothing left, the current building was completed in the XV-XVI centuries in the Renaissance style. The Palace is located in the heart of the city, between the New residence and the Cathedral.

Among the interesting architectural details of the buildings it is worth noting the 1573 relief decorating the portal of the Palace. It depicts the blessed virgin Mary, and the sides are the founders of the city - the Royal couple Henry II and Cunegonde. Behind them are one of the rare images Bamberger Dom Cathedral before the restructuring of 1764. The terrain also featured various saints and bishops, and the two reclining figures on the sides symbolize the river main and Regnitz, on which stands the city.

In 1777 the Palace was reconstructed, in which, unfortunately, had to destroy the old chapel of St. Andrew and St. Thomas, built in the XI century.

The courtyard of the castle is in late Gothic style and facades of the buildings facing this way, is a masterpiece of typical half-timbered houses. Interestingly, even before 1961 these houses were inhabited by people. In the yard there is a well which was used for several centuries.

On the territory of the medieval bishopric of the yard there was a Royal prison, where in 966 he was killed by the king of Italy Berengar II Ivreyskaya. In 1208 there was killed by the king of Germany, Philip of Swabia, the murderer of the king was the count Palatine of Bavaria Otto VIII von Wittelsbach, the rejected suitor of a Royal daughter.

Since 1938, the Palace is a Historical Museum of Bamberg, and in some parts of the building housed offices belonging to the Cathedral. In the courtyard of the castle often hosts various festivals, for example, Calderonista reading.

Historical Museum Bamberg is interesting, primarily because it presents a variety of paintings, including Pieter Brueghel and Lucas Cranach, works of art and archeological finds that date back to prehistoric times. We are talking about the sculptural group of the three Bamberg idols comprise a height of about five feet. Their age and could not be determined, but most likely they are more than 2000 years. There are also collections of coins, astronomical instruments, and Christmas ornaments. The Museum hosts a variety of exhibitions, including those devoted to the Bamberg Jewish community, and everyday life of the urban resident of the XIX century.