/ / Old river lifting crane:, (Alter Krahnen)

Old river lifting crane:, (Alter Krahnen)

One of the most interesting sights of Trier is an old river lifting crane. The date of its construction is considered the year 1413, it was then that river transport played a huge role not only in trade but also in the construction of the city. On the right Bank of the Moselle in a relatively short time was installed the crane, the dimensions of which are dazzling today, because the base diameter is more than four meters, and a mechanism that is based on the use of consoles and counterweight, is recognized as the most reliable.

The construction of such taps, it was a typical thing for cities that are located on the banks of the river, but the crane is perhaps the first of all, it is now possible to find in Germany or Poland. In the construction crane used a special sort of oak: in addition to the strength and durability of the wood should not dry out and conversely, to suffer from the effects of water. In General, the old river lifting the crane is a building complex in engineering terms and interesting architecture.

In the modern history of Trier old river crane is not only a reminder of the prosperity of the city, but also a monument that attracts tourists. It is clearly seen from the river, walking on the water allow us to estimate the scale of construction. Not to mention that the area at the tap is one of my favorite to photograph, as it also allows to assess the scale of the medieval building.