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Hagelstange gates: photo description (Eigelsteintorburg)

Hagelstange gate, located in the Northern part of Cologne are some of those that are perfectly preserved to the present time. It is a true landmark of the city, which attracts with its unique and stately appearance for many tourists.

Hagelstange gate has long served a protective function. Founded in the XIII century, they had been through multiple rehabilitation and reconstruction. Despite the fact that because of the bombing during the Second world war, the gate was destroyed almost completely, government of Cologne adopted the decision on complete restoration of the historic sights of the city.

During its existence Hagelstange gate served not only as one of the main entrances to the city, but was for several centuries and the customs point where the collected payments, and jail and court house. This building is a building of three floors with magnificent lateral towers, between which there is a large portal. In the left part of the building you can see a sculpture depicting a farmer, which symbolizes not only freedom, but full independence of the city and all its inhabitants from the former feudal obligations. This artwork was placed in this part Eigelsteintor gate in 1891, when Cologne was visited by Wilhelm II.

In the Eastern side of the gate you can see the lifeboat. Its placement here by chance, it is a real monument dedicated to the memory of sailors who died in one battle cruiser "Cologne" during the battle with the English fleet in 1914. Inside Eigelsteintor gate everyone can visit the memorial hall, which tells the whole story of the ship.