/ / The statue of the virgin Mary: photo description (Mariensauele)

The statue of the virgin Mary: photo description (Mariensauele)

One of the most prominent sights of Trier - 40-meter statue of the virgin Mary. Located on a high hill on the left Bank of the Moselle, she looks at the city from a height of three hundred meters. Today this statue is rightly considered the highest construction in the city.

The statue was built only in the 19th century, but its appearance had a special background: for example, experts believe that one of the reasons it is possible to consider the differences between Catholics and Protestants. Without going into details, it is worth noting that the statue was one of those monuments which, as a rule, are of Trier in the advertising and travel brochures, but simply put - one of the landmarks of the city.

The statue belongs to the Gothic: its characteristic features visible to the naked eye and expressed, first, in the image of the Maria. Architect Christian Wilhelm Schmidt, who put his talented hand to creating the project, suggested the use of sand and Roman bricks, making architectural monument is also interesting from the point of view of the construction of the object. Construction was started in 1859 and completed in 1866. It is also interesting that the construction and continued maintenance of the statue of the virgin Mary in excellent condition made exclusively through voluntary donations.

The statue of the virgin Mary is the highest lookout that promises gorgeous views of the city and an unforgettable experience for those who dare to climb to the top.