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Theater Baden-Baden: photo, description, Theater Baden-Baden)

One of the most famous theatres in Europe is situated in Baden-Baden. Goethe square in 1862 he received the theatre building, which was constructed by the French project and reminded the Paris Opera, not only shape but also interior. The initiator of the construction was made by the Edouard Benage, which at that time was a tenant of a local casino and for the opening of the theater of the famous Hector Berlioz wrote the Opera "Beatrice and Benedict". Interestingly, the composer himself and acted as chief conductor at the premiere.

Two terrible wars, which, as we know, has not spared many of the architectural monuments of Europe, spared the theater. So, during the First world war there was a organized own municipal ensemble, which became known not only in Germany but also far beyond its borders. At the end of the Second world war the theatre was opened one of the first in the country - 20 APR 1946.

Today, the theater Baden-Baden, which was rebuilt in the period from 1989 to 1992, is not only a luxury building which is fully restored all the decorative elements of the era, but modern technical structure with a movable stage. His popularity is high, there are a number of plays best Directors, to the same, to get to this stage is a dream of many drama and Opera artists. In recent years, the theater often plays host to visitors - festivals and concerts are held here regularly.