/ / The variety theatre Friedrichstadtpalast: photos, description (Friedrichstadt-Palast)

The variety theatre Friedrichstadtpalast: photos, description (Friedrichstadt-Palast)

Majestic ensemble, a wonderful building called the variety theatre Friedrichstadtpalast it's impossible to ignore. This is one of the most popular and famous attractions of Berlin. Wall cladding in bright colours, flashy neon sign attracts a large number of not only tourists but also local residents. This theatre is considered the largest in Europe.

In the 80-ies of XX century thanks to the works of Werner Hoffmann appeared complex Friedrichstadtpalast, which had a capacity of 1900 spectators and had additional decorative pockets, and backstage, an ice rink, arena, the main stage and pool. Once on the site of this legendary variety theatre was a simple market hall, rebuilt in 1873 in a huge circus. The next significant stage in the life of the Friedrichstadtpalast was the year 1919 when the circus was formed here Big drama theatre, whose architecture was as attractive as the modern building. The opening of the theater, adorned with a majestic dome and colonnade, held a production of the Austrian dramatist max Reinhardt called "oresteya".

Drama theatre during the Second world war was greatly affected by the bombing. Because of this, its complete restoration and reconstruction of the building was impossible, for this reason, a decision was made about the demolition and construction in 1984, the new Grand complex - the present variety theatre Friedrichstadtpalast, which is called the analogue is known worldwide for the Paris Moulin Rouge.

Today Friedrichstadtpalast was firmly established in the twenty-first century and impresses the audience with their sophisticated productions using the latest high-tech effects. Increased comfort seats, colorful performances and famous repertoire offers a variety theatre every visitor.