/ / Street Bederstrasse: photos, description (Boettcherstrasse)

Street Bederstrasse: photos, description (Boettcherstrasse)

For the quarter Shnoor is the famous street, called Bederstrasse or "street of Bocharov". In Bremen has its own measure of weight "Bremen barrel", which fits 920 herring. This street consists of seven houses. And every house has its own name. For example, the House of Robinson Crusoe, the Fountain, Seven sloths, Home of Atlantis.

House number six on this street called the House Ludwig Roselius. In it lived the inventor of decaffeinated coffee merchant, Roselius, who built this street in the art Deco style. In the beginning of the street you can see a bas-relief depicting the Archangel Michael battling with the dragon.

This street is also the Museum Paula modersohn-Becker, famous for his naturalistic depictions of poor, hungry and dying peasants.

Three times a day it plays the Carillon.