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Aachen theatre: photos, description (Theater Aachen)

One of famous German theatres, Aachen is not only a place where you can hear an Opera or watch a drama, but also attraction. The building was built in record time: only three years have passed since 1822, when the first project of the theatre, until 1825, when the building he heard the first applause. From the earliest days of the theatre was considered home to the famous Aachen Symphony orchestra: there were plays and balls, and charming music sounded perfect thanks to the proper design of the building.

During the Second world war, specifically in 1943, the building was hit by a bomb. Needless to say that the theatre was almost completely destroyed. Immediately after the war began an active reconstruction of the building on the surviving drawings. Outside the theatre was restored to its original form, but the interior was done in a more modern form.

The first premiere in the updated theatre of Aachen was held on 3 December 1951, and it is very symbolic that the show, which began a new story, were elected Richard Wagner's Opera "die Meistersinger von nürnberg", which is considered one of the highest peaks of creativity of the composer. Since then, the theatre had been repaired several times, but never closed, and within its walls worked with many talented and famous people. So, among the conductors who worked in his time here, it is worth noting Wolfgang Trommer, Felix Raab, Yukio Kitahara.