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Ulrepforte: photos, description (Ulrepforte)

Ulrepforte is located in the city of Cologne and is part of a system of fortifications remaining from ancient times. Its unusual name, the Fort is obtained through the old German word, meaning in translation the art of pottery. It is not surprising that strengthening is called so, because it was in the place where was concentrated the pottery workshops, which existed here until the nineteenth century.

The first work began on the improvement of existing fortifications of the city of Cologne, dated to the year 1179. It was the Archbishop Philipp von Geisberg issued a corresponding decree. Over the next 70 years erected a fortified wall, which consisted of 16 towers. Ulrepforte can be called one of the first fortifications of the city, built in 1230, but only 15 years later it was noted the first written mention of it. Under its present name of the Fort was mentioned in the special documents of Archbishop Engelbert von Valkenburg.

Ulrepforte was originally created in order to protect the city from unwanted attacks by enemies. In particular, the Fort was to strengthen the Pottery gate of Cologne. 1450 is a sad year in the history of Ulrepforte, as during this period he was immured, and, as a consequence, lost its importance in the defense of the city. All built in close proximity to buildings passed into the possession of the Carthusian monastery, located near the Fort. One of the towers of Ulrepforte was converted and became a windmill.

In 1841, the Fort became the property of one of the businessmen of Germany Franz Karl Guillaume. Since that time, a recovery work of the protective structure of Cologne, and in 1886 through the efforts of architect Vincent Statca was reconstructed one of the towers 20 meters high.