/ / Ulm Botanical garden: photos, description (Botanischer Garten Ulm)

Ulm Botanical garden: photos, description (Botanischer Garten Ulm)

Ulm's Botanical garden, located on 28 hectares, is one of the largest University gardens in Germany. Its creation began not so long ago, in 1981, in the South-East of the University complex.

In 1986, he built the first greenhouse in 1997 two - for tropical plants, where visitors can see and learn a lot about the vegetation of the tropics. With the support of the pharmaceutical company Ratiopharm, in 2001 he established a garden of medicinal plants, in which experts botanists, technologists and pharmacists are conducting a joint study of medicinal properties of herbs. In 2000, Ulm, the garden was enriched with the so-called "farmer's garden". It is research work on the development of new and improvement of existing varieties of fruit cultivated plants.

All 30 years of its existence, the Botanical garden of Ulm has grown rapidly and today amazing variety of collections of plants. It has more than 80 thousand copies of herbs, shrubs and trees from Europe, South and Central America. Among them about 50 thousand species of tropical plants and 20 thousand specimens of mosses and lichens.

Ulm's Botanical garden is open to visitors all year round, but especially beautiful in spring and summer during the period of active flowering plants in such offices as the rose garden and garden of lilies. Professional tour guides conduct a variety of fascinating garden tour: a sightseeing or themed.