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Ulm city Museum: photos, description (Ulmer Museum)

The city Museum of Ulm was founded in 1924. At present, exhibition halls and the Museum is located in several buildings of the Old town. Collection Ulm city Museum consist of unique collections of archaeological finds, paintings and sculptures, objects of decorative art from the 16th to the 19th century.

Archeological exhibition of the Museum presents an extensive collection of finds discovered in the excavations in the district of Ulm. The most unique exhibit of this part of the city Museum is the oldest sculpture in the world — the man-lion. This thirty-degree figure from mammoth ivory carved ancient artist about 40 thousand years ago. More than 70 years, scientists have taken to literally bit by bit to restore it. The first of the statues was discovered in the cave of Stadel employee Ulm city Museum of Wetzel in 1939. But only in 1969, scientists have begun its restoration from several hundred tiny fragments, which finally ended only in 2009. But the man-lion, the archaeological Museum can justly be proud of the collection of ancient images of birds and animals and the first musical instrument the person (s).

Exhibition of painting and sculpture of the Gothic city Museum presents a large collection of works by artists of the so-called Ulm school in the late Gothic style. History of the ancient city is also represented by a collection of medieval objects of everyday life of citizens, craft guilds and masters of decorative-applied art.

In addition to the permanent collections, the Gothic city Museum holds a variety of themed exhibitions, lectures and other educational activities.