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Ulm zoo: photo description (Tiergarten Ulm)

Charming zoo in Ulm attracts the attention of tourists. A small area, it was created almost a hundred years ago, in 1927. It all started with the enclosures for the monkeys, luxurious pheasants and other birds, located in a small structure made of wood, but after 8 years of the first reconstruction. The area is a little widened, the river that flows nearby, was written in the General picture and helped to diversify the conditions of life for the animals. In those years in Ulm the zoo already lived and bears with deer, and the highlight was the aquarium with rare fish.

In 1944, after the terrible bombing of a zoo in Ulm was closed. Nine long years this place was abandoned, but then the area was cleaned and all work started again. This time was rebuilt aquarium and terrarium, and the community and municipal authorities have United in order to return the zoo to its former glory. Since the beginning of 1956, the zoo is in constant development: build enclosures for animals and birds, are constantly being developed and new conditions. At the zoo there was a school for young naturalists, where every child not only to observe the habits of animals, but also to put their effort to make the animals comfortable.

Another tragedy happened in 1961: a huge fire again destroyed the zoo, leaving no hope for a speedy recovery. Thanks to the staff of the zoo animals and birds managed to save and arrange in other zoos of the country to overexposure to five years to return home. Today Ulm zoo happy not only the citizens, it is included in the list of attractions many tourists are eager to spend time here.