/ / The Neptune fountain: photos, description (Neptunbrunnen)

The Neptune fountain: photos, description (Neptunbrunnen)

Amazing facility that the people of Berlin think one of the most beautiful in the city, is the Neptune fountain. It is here where numerous Hiking excursions, a visit to this attraction refers to the number required in the plan for tourists from different countries.

The idea of creating this fountain was brought to life by renowned architect Karda Friedrich Schinkel. He created the project of a future building, but to implement it he did not. For the construction of the fountain, only 43 years after the death of German architect took Reinhold Begas. He made some adjustments and innovations to the idea of Schinkel, which was inspired by a visit to Italy, which determined the execution of the buildings in antique style.

After the completion of the fountain, he was presented as a gift to Kaiser Wilhelm II from the Berlin magistracy. This was partly due to the fact that it was located in front of city Palace on the square. November 1, 1891, the Neptune fountain was inaugurated and became one of the favorite places for walking by local residents.

World war II was not spared the sights of Berlin. Because of the significant damage to the German authorities, it was decided to dismantle the fountain and the demolition of the destroyed parts. They were deposited, but in the period from 1965 through 1969 Central part of the city has become a real construction site, which also undertook the reconstruction of the fountain of Neptune. It was fully restored and appeared before the people in all its amazing beauty. He was placed in the historical part of the capital, where you can find a large number of other attractions. Today, this beautiful fountain is a place worthy of a visit, where scheduling appointments, visits and guided tours.