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French Cathedral: photos, description (Franzoesischer Dom)

French Cathedral, which is also called the French Church of Friedrichstadt is a reformed Church and is located on the Gendarmenmarkt square in Berlin. This is one of the key attractions of the capital, built thanks to the efforts of Liu Kayar and Abraham Chesney.

This building is called the Cathedral, despite the fact that there is never placed an Episcopal see. The history of the French Church began in the XVIII century, when the Huguenots accounted for nearly a fourth part of the inhabitants of Berlin. In the period from 1701 to 1705 for years saw the construction of this magnificent structure, a model for which was taken by the image destroyed by the time the Church of Charenton-Saint-Maurice in France.

In 1785 Carl von Gontard complements the Church building is a domed tower, similar to the one that was from a German Cathedral. This was done on purpose in order to give the symmetric features of the Gendarmenmarkt square, but due to this architectural addition to a French Church called the Cathedral.

In 1817 the congregation of this Church joined the Prussian Evangelical than kept their affiliation to Calvinism. In 1905, there have been some changes in the interior of French Cathedral, the severity of the old style gave way to more decorative and soft features.

During the Second world war the Church suffered greatly from destruction, its reconstruction was undertaken in the period 1977-1988 years. After the complete restoration of the French Cathedral there regularly there are meetings of members of the German Evangelical Church. In the domed tower is an observation platform, from where you can appreciate all the splendor the panoramic view of the city of Berlin. The Cathedral building is currently a Museum of the Huguenots, and a restaurant.