/ / The Church of St. Cecilia: photo description St. Caecilia)

The Church of St. Cecilia: photo description St. Caecilia)

The Church of St. Cecilia is one of the most famous Catholic pilgrimage churches of the city of düsseldorf. It is located in the Central part Berata, its bell tower so high that it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The building of the temple, which now can be seen, is the third building on this site. Unfortunately, the first temple there is no record, but during the last major construction was found a stone on which was written that the Foundation of this Church was laid in 1005. The second temple was constructed in the year 1250, when it was a building of small size, made in the Romanesque style. Apart from him there was a belfry of three floors. The main time of its existence, this Church functioned as a Catholic, with the exception of five years when it was reformed (Protestant). In the period from 1821 to 1822 was reconstructed, it was extended, as the temple could no longer accommodate all the faithful. But in 1901 construction began on a new Church, which was significantly different from its predecessors. Now it was of red brick, designed in Gothic revival style, it was decorated with a tall bell tower with a beautiful clock. In the center of the Main street of the old bell tower stood until 1929, but later it was destroyed as useless. Given that in times of war bells were often shot for melting, the following year the Church received new bells. The construction of the Church of St. Cecilia was designed by the architect Wilhelm Sultenfuss. For the new from the old Church was moved many items, including the baptismal font, the Crucifix, created in the XV century, the figure of John the Evangelist and the virgin Mary.