/ / The Church of the Guardian angel: photos, description (Schutzengelkirche)

The Church of the Guardian angel: photos, description (Schutzengelkirche)

Jesuit Church of the Guardian angel is located on the square, Leonrodplatz the Bavarian town of Eichstätt. The first building on the site dated to the early seventeenth century - then in the framework of the Counter reformation (the reaction of the Catholic Church in the reformation movement) to Eichstätt profit Jesuit monks founded here a Church and school. The original building consisted of the bell tower, whose height was 52 meters, and was surrounded by a strong wall. However, during the Thirty years war in 1634 the Swedish troops stormed the city and almost destroyed the Church suffered heavily vaulted room choirs.

The restoration of the Church began in 1681, and the new building was made in Renaissance style. The Baroque interior was completed in 1717. The main altar of the Church was made in 1730-ies. After the secularization of Church lands in 1802, the temple narrowly escaped demolition. The authorities regularly engaged in the restoration of the premises, and the last renovations were completed in 2000.

The temple is famous for its fresco on the ceiling depicting angels. The author of the painting is the famous painter of the Baroque era of worms. It is estimated that the Cathedral has 567 different images of angels sculptural and pictorial. The organ in the Church is modern and is made in 1966.

Since the Foundation and till today the temple is part of a nearby theological Seminary, founded in 1564 and is known as Collegium Willibald. It was the first Seminary to the North of the Alps. The Church belongs also to the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, founded in 1980. It should be noted that this school is not solely religious, here studying politics, history, Economics and social science. The University building is located on the street Osterstrasse, about a kilometer from the Church.

It is believed that the Church of the Guardian angel in Eichstätt is the third Jesuit Church built on the territory of modern Germany.