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Church Thanksgiving: photo description (Dankeskirche)

The Church Thanksgiving is in the city of düsseldorf district of Benrath. Its construction began in 1914 and a year later its doors were open to parishioners first. Despite the fact that since the beginning of the construction of the temple took a long time, its appearance has preserved its original appearance.

As producers of this original project was made by architect Friedrich Puetzer and engineer Edward Wehner. The Church is designed so that it could enter through two entrances located on the sides of the building. Here you can see the Assembly hall, which is called the "Luther Room". The altar of the temple decorated with images of the evangelists and apostles and their symbols. For example, next to mark is the lion, John the eagle. Above the entrance portal of the Church of Thanksgiving, a beautiful bell tower, complemented by a clock. The bell beats the time every 15 minutes.

The building of the temple is considered to be interesting from the architectural point of view, since its main entrance is not exactly symmetrically about the main room of the Church. In the interior of the temple to highlight the relief above the entrance portal, which depicts Jesus Christ with the angels, the author of this work was Bernhard LOF that created this song in 1927. Window decorated with six mosaic stained glass - the works of Rudolf Otto Lindeman. Especially beautifully decorated two boxes-balconies, which were intended directly for the family of the Emperor Wilhelm II. He had to be present at the opening of the temple, but he was interrupted by the First world war.

The Church Thanksgiving is one of the most popular parts of düsseldorf. Near the Church is the amazing beauty of the Park of Benrath and the castle in the Rococo style by the architect Nicolas de Pigage.